Health, Safety and Environment

Pathfinder Minerals is committed to conducting its affairs in a manner which minimises the risk to the health and safety of its employees and contractors; and to the local populace.

Subject to the successful restoration of Pathfinder Minerals’ assets to its control, the Company will re-appoint contractors which have in place health and safety procedures that reflect the Company’s own commitment to the minimisation of risk. These procedures, which will also be adopted by Pathfinder Minerals, will encompass:

  • compliance with all applicable legal requirements and standards
  • positive leadership by management on all health and safety issues
  • effective instruction, training and supervision
  • the involvement of staff at all levels of the organisation

Pathfinder Minerals is committed to the welfare of its staff and contractors; and will be putting in place occupational health programmes which will include the prevention of infectious diseases. The Company intends to use mostly local labour and, as far as possible, to source materials and services from Mozambican businesses.

Nick Trew and John Mc Keon in Zambezia Province
Nick Trew and John Mc Keon in Zambezia Province

At an early stage of the development of the mine, the Company will put in place a working group, consisting of Company personnel and of local and national government leaders and officials, in order to provide a conduit for liaison, both with local communities and with the Mozambican governing authorities, about the Company’s construction and mining activities and their impact on local communities.

Environment and rehabilitation

Pathfinder Minerals is determined to keep to a minimum the impact of its activities on the local environment. To that end the Company aims not simply to comply with national and international laws and standards but to become an exemplar of good practice in relation to such matters as emissions, effluent treatment, noise, radiation, water quality and rehabilitation. This will be achieved by putting the achievement of an environmental management plan and social commitments at the centre of the Company’s operating and reporting procedures.

An essential part of this environmental management plan is the rehabilitation of the site as the mine progresses through it, so that the long-term character of the area is unaffected by the process of extraction and refining. The detailed strategy for this will be devised as the wider plans for the development of the mine are formulated.