Pathfinder Minerals is a natural resources company with licences to mine heavy minerals sands in Mozambique containing titanium dioxide ore.



Overview and Titanium Dioxide Applications

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  • Pathfinder Minerals is a natural resources company seeking to mine heavy mineral sands in Mozambique.
  • Pathfinder Minerals’ licences (the ownership of which is currently disputed) cover approximately 32,000 hectares of land on the Indian Ocean coast of the Zambezia province of Mozambique, known to contain the heavy minerals, ilmenite, rutile and zircon.
  • The heavy minerals of ilmenite, rutile and zircon are used in the manufacture of a wide range of products across a number of industrial sectors. Ilmenite and rutile are used as feedstocks to produce titanium dioxide pigment.
  • Ilmenite is widely used in the production of paint, paper, plastic, textiles, rubber and pharmaceutical products.
  • Rutile and beneficiated ilmenite are the main raw materials used to make titanium metal.
  • Zircon is used in chemical manufacture and a wide range of ceramic products.