Process Explanation

  • The Process Diagram depicts the various process stages, starting with the lake and dredges, through to a floating concentrator plant and pipe to dry land.
  • The heavy mineral content will then be stockpiled next to the Mineral Separation Plant which will comprise several circuits using magnetic, gravity and electrostatic means to separate the sands into the various finished products rutile, zircon and different grades of ilmenite. The first stage will involve magnetic separation of ilmenite from the zircon and rutile. The magnetic fractions will then be processed in an electro-static circuit to produce a final ilmenite product.
  • From here the products will be conveyed to Pathfinder Minerals’ 800 metre jetty. Barges will transport the products to a Panamex-type vessel anchored further offshore.
  • One of the most cost-effective methods for mining heavy minerals sands is through the creation of a man-made lake and the use of wet dredges. This provides a greater economy of scale to that of surface sand removal techniques.